Kill A Watt Power Meter

20160125-110540.jpgI use this Kill A Watt meter to measure any device I have electricity questions about.  I also use it to measure total system power usage and even to track cost over time.

For the price, a Kill A Watt meter eliminates so many questions and has even given me some answers I didn’t know the questions to yet!

Highly worth the cost!

“AC and DC Pumps” – Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring

By Steve Frick

They’re not as different as you might think!

Reef aquarium caretakers tend to obsess over flow. We use pumps to pull water through our sumps. We put in powerheads and wavemakers all in an effort to push water around. We use pumps with aerators to run skimmers. Even though we have many different applications almost all our aquarium motors work the same way. If you don’t know how your motor works, I want to help with that. Continue reading ““AC and DC Pumps” – Internet Reefer’s Decoder Ring”